/Lexus Hoverboard Is a Veritable Flying Carpet!

Lexus Hoverboard Is a Veritable Flying Carpet!

Lexus Hoverboard 0 600x399 at Lexus Hoverboard Is a Veritable Flying Carpet!

If we’re honest, when Lexus first announced they have made a hoverboard capable of, well, hovering, we thought it was a belated April Fools’ joke. Not they have revealed the thing in full and showcased it in action. Lexus Hoverboard is real and it works.

Granted, it is far from being the new means of transportation. And no, you can’t call it to attention by whistling. But still, the implications are huge. Lexus Hoverboard brings another Science Fiction fantasy into reality. We have no intention of getting carried away, but we can already see the day where hovercars are the norm!

The way Lexus Hoverboard works is pretty complicated and boring to be honest. But here’s a few pointers Lexus has mentioned in plain English: to build the hoverborad, Lexus has worked with German scientists specializing in magnetic levitation technology. What they have managed to do here is create a board, using superconductors and stuff, that essentially “freezes” the magnetic field upon which it can hover. That means the hoverboard can only be used on special magnetic tracks and not your typical skateboarding joint. It’s a prototype and will not be sold to the public.

Mark Templin, Executive Vice President at Lexus International said: “Embarking on this project, we set out to push the boundaries of technology, design and innovation to make the impossible possible. With this project we call ‘SLIDE’, we collaborated with partners who share our passion for creating enjoyment out of motion. Even through combining our technology and expertise, we discovered making a hoverboard isn’t an easy process. We’ve experienced the highs and lows and have overcome a few challenges, but through mutual determination we have created a demonstration of our philosophy in design and technology to create Amazing in Motion.”

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