/Midnight Purple Porsche Boxster by Impressive Wrap

Midnight Purple Porsche Boxster by Impressive Wrap

Purple Porsche Boxster 0 600x416 at Midnight Purple Porsche Boxster by Impressive Wrap

This is probably the best showcase of what this whole wrapping malarkey is about. This purple Porsche Boxster started life as a yellow car, which is a perfectly fine color for a sports car like the Boxster. But when the owner felt kind of bored with it, it took only a few hours of work to give the car a completely new look.

The interesting thing here, of course, is the choice of color. He, or she, has gone for Midnight Purple which is actually not as outlandish a choice as you might think. Porsche themselves have a long history of purple cars, with the most recent model getting this unique shade as standard factory color being the 991 GT3 RS.

Purple Porsche Boxster 00 600x397 at Midnight Purple Porsche Boxster by Impressive Wrap

The Midnight Purple Porsche Boxster looks pretty cool, and we have to say the guys at Impressive Wrap have done a fantastic job of applying the wrap as the finished product looks like a re-spray, nay, a factory-finished paint job. Maybe it’s just us, but think this car would look even more dope if the wheels were painted matte black. Well, there is always stage 2!

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