/Rendering: Porsche 918 RWB (Rauh-Welt Begriff)

Rendering: Porsche 918 RWB (Rauh-Welt Begriff)

Porsche 918 RWB 1 600x360 at Rendering: Porsche 918 RWB (Rauh Welt Begriff)

We have seen renderings of a wide body Porsche 918 before, but this is the first proper illustration of one given the full Rauh-Welt Begriff treatment. This Porsche 918 RWB was rendered by Khyzyl Saleem to celebrate Rennsport Reunion V.

If you are not familiar with Rauh-Welt Begriff wide body treatment for vintage Porsches, it is the unique style of Japanese visionary tuner Akira Nakai. The name literally means Rough World, which is probably why RWB cars looks to tough.

This imaginary Porsche 918 RWB also looks properly tough, even though some of its features are exaggerated. We like what the designer has done here with the livery, which is inspired by the Brumos 935 of the 70s, also known as Moby Dick. The wheels come straight from the race car, and he body kit too appears to be a mix of 935 panels and Rauh-Welt Begriff cues.

Sadly, the chances of seeing a Porsche 918 RWB in the real world are pretty slim. They’ve only made 918 of these cars and they command huge price tags these days. So unless one of the 918 owners is willing to let Nakai chop up his car, it’s not happening.

Rendering by Khyzyl Saleem

Porsche 918 RWB 2 600x321 at Rendering: Porsche 918 RWB (Rauh Welt Begriff)

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