/Build It Now: Tesla Model S Wagon

Build It Now: Tesla Model S Wagon

Tesla Model S Wagon 600x320 at Build It Now: Tesla Model S Wagon

Every once in a while we come across a speculative rendering that is so good, we hate that particular brand for not having already made the proposed car. This Tesla Model S Wagon definitely qualifies as one of those designs that we would love to see in the real world.

In fact, we wonder why Tesla has not yet made a station wagon version of the Model S. The car is popular enough to warrant the addition of a family-oriented, practical variant. And, judging by what we’re seeing here, Tesla Model S Wagon could end up looking seriously hot. But so far Tesla has refrained from entering the wagon market.

Of course, there are some issues — commercial ones — with launching a Tesla Model S Wagon. The company recently released the Model X SUV which is a fine product and serves as the more versatile Model S people wanted. It looks nowhere near as good as a Wagon Model S, but there is no denying it is more practical and overall more appealing a concept.

Tesla could also argue the Model S sedan already is practical enough for family use, what with its famous front trunk or “frunk” and the big rear hatch. And while that is true, we just can’t get over how sexy the wagon looks in this image.

Rendering by Rain Prisk Designs

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