/New Ford GT in White Is a Sight to Behold

New Ford GT in White Is a Sight to Behold

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The new generation Ford GT has been the subject of many a praiseful comments ever since they unveiled it in concept form. It’s interesting, because we thought the purists would give Ford a lot of stick for going astray with the design of the GT as it bares little resemblance to the original GT40 and even the previous generation. But everybody seems to like the new look.

Now, so far we have only seen the 2017 Ford GT in the blue of the concept version. But in one of its most recent outings in Detroit, they showcased a pre-production model in white and as you can see here it just looks breathtakingly good. This color brings out all the little delicacies in the car’s design, like the concave doors or the buttresses at the back, and also makes the carbon aero parts to really pop.

Another reason why the warm welcome the 2017 Ford GT is receiving seems surprising has to do with the powertrain. Here’s a GT that is not powered by a V8 engine. In fact, it’s an EcoBoost motor this car is getting, but what an EcoBoost. The turbocharged V6 unit makes well over 600 horsepower which, given the lightweight body made up of carbon fiber and aluminum, delivers supercar-like performance. 

The new GT will hit the market in late 2016, but the production is limited and the prices very high. So… good luck getting one!

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Photos via Alex Bellus Photography

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