/High Society: 2x McLaren 675LT and a P1 in Monaco

High Society: 2x McLaren 675LT and a P1 in Monaco

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The new money in today’s world tend to spend their cash on flashy cars with crazy colors; stuff that show off their wealth and fulfill their need for attention and admiration. The old money can play that game, but they have a different way of going about it. They have nothing to prove to anybody, so their cars tend to be more discreet, like this group of McLaren 675LT and P1 hanging out in Monte Carlo. 

They do appreciate a good hyper car like a McLaren 675LT or a P1 and they do want to enjoy it, but the colors they choose are the simplest, most subtle shades on offer. Granted, one of the LTs here is finished in bright red and the other has gold wheels. But these count as discreet compared to most of the color the LT and P1 come in. We give you two examples: Purple P1 and Napier Green 675LT. You’ll agree that compared to those the red and the black are pretty understated. The P1 here is our favorite, mainly because of the one-tone, fully black finish complete with black wheel. They have even painted the exposed carbon parts, making the car look classier and more handsome. The owner of this car must be a man – or woman – of very refined taste.

Enjoy the pictures (courtesy of Dphotographymc):

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