/True Gem: 1958 Porsche Zagato Spyder

True Gem: 1958 Porsche Zagato Spyder

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There used to be a time when Porsche actually cared about styling and went so far as hiring the Italian guru Zagato pen a special version of the 550 Spyder. This 1958 Porsche Zagato Spyder is an example these extremely rare cars, and it recently went on display at the 2016 Emirates Classic Car Festival where it won an ward.

To learn about the 1958 Porsche Zagato Spyder you have to dig deep in history books, piece information together, and connect dots. But the way we understand it, the car had been a coachbuilt project commissioned by Porsche to Zagato. They took a 550 Spyder and went made with its plain body, giving it elaborate fins, a protruding tailpipe, and some fancy lights. The interior is as simple as a normal 550 with a steering wheel, three dials, and a gear stick, although this one also has some nice leather seats.

The magnificent 1958 Porsche Zagato Spyder was prepared by UAE-based detailer Select Nano who did such a good job bringing this car up to concourse standard, they gave it the Best Recreation Award at Emirates Classic Car Festival. Turns out it’s not just vulgar super cars Arab collectors like. They also have a big love of exquisite classics with a cool history, which is just as well, because these guys are among the very few people in the world who can afford to pay the astronomical price tags cars like the Zagato Spyder command these days and lavish loads more to maintain them in good condition.

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