/Build It Now: McLaren 570 Spider Wide Body

Build It Now: McLaren 570 Spider Wide Body

Mclaren 570 Spyder 600x371 at Build It Now: McLaren 570 Spider Wide Body

Rain Prisk Design has treated us to yet another awesome rendering, this time taking a gander at what the upcoming McLaren 570 Spider may look like. Not only that, he’s gone ahead and virtually tuned the car by giving it a custom wide body kit. It is magnificent.

The good thing is, Prisk’s McLaren 570 Spider wide body might be a flight of fancy for the time being, but the British car maker is someday going to release a Spider 570S, and some tuner is going to give that car a wide body treatment. So if you like what you see here, which if you have eyes you do, rest assured something very close to this will become reality in the near future.

It is amazing how much better this McLaren 570 Spider looks than the hardtop version, which is frankly a bit of a minger compared to the 650 and 675LT. But as we’ve seen with countless coupes which suddenly became beautiful when their roof got chopped off, there is hope for the 570 still, especially if you give it some wide fenders too. This thing could potentially become the best McLaren of all time on account its looks, practicality, and great interior and features.

Rendering by Rain Prisk

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