/RUF Turbo Florio Is Exquisiteness Itself

RUF Turbo Florio Is Exquisiteness Itself

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It is not exactly a secret that we are huge RUF fans here at MW. There’s just something about the cars these guys make that, in spite of the old-timey looks and overly Germanic attention to details, makes RUF Porsches just so incredibly cool. This time we want to have a closer look at RUF Turbo Florio based on Porsche 991 Targa.

Even the name exudes coolness, doesn’t it? Turbo Florio. How awesome this sounds: “I drive a Turbo Florio.” Fortunately, the rest of the car is competent enough to cash the checks its name writes. RUF Turbo Florio is a thoroughly upgraded version of the 991 Targa which is a very capable car to begin with. What the tuner has done here is boost the car’s power, speed, looks, and therefore appeal.

Just like the standard car, RUF Turbo Florio comes with a 3.8 liter flat-six engine which can be had with either a six-speed manual or a seven-speed PDK transmission. But there the similarities end, as this one packs 645 horsepower and 835 Nm of torque, and has the ability to clock 330 km/h. What’s more, the RUF looks a helluva lot better than the standard Targa, what with the aero kit, that ducktail wing at the back, the wheels, and…

The Turbo Florio is without a doubt one of RUF’s finest modern creations. The only reason we wouldn’t buy one, if we could, is because of some other RUF product, the RGT 4.2, which is even awesomer than this one. We will look at that car in a separate piece.

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