/Eye Candy: Garnet Red Porsche 959

Eye Candy: Garnet Red Porsche 959

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In this day and age owning a Porsche 959 is akin to owning a unicorn on account of this car being super rare and super expensive, and the fact that everybody wants one. So you can imagine what it would be like to own one in a special color… like this Garnet Red Porsche 959.

That’d be like owning a unicorn that can sing! Incredibly, you can now own such a thing because a 1988 Garnet Red Porsche 959 has just become available at Canepa collection. They haven’t put a price tag on this baby yet and haven’t mentioned any particular facts and figures about its specs, which leads us to believe it’s either under a mechanical restoration or just a stock model with no specific options – other than the awesome paint job, that is.

But you don’t buy a Garnet Red Porsche 959 for its twin-turbo flat-six engine, its all-wheel-drive, or its six-speed manual gearbox. You buy it first for the model, second for the prestige, third as a solid investment, and fourth for the unique color it’s sporting. If we had the money we’d buy this car not to drive it or anything, but to put it in our garden as a centerpiece. And we’d sit in front of it all day with a gin and tonic and just ogle it.

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