/Fiat 124 Spider Gets a Couple of Cheeky Commercials

Fiat 124 Spider Gets a Couple of Cheeky Commercials

fiat 124 pill ad 600x325 at Fiat 124 Spider Gets a Couple of Cheeky Commercials

Fiat-Chrysler is off to a flying start with their publicity efforts for the new 2017 Fiat 124 Spider. Yesterday we told you about their “indirect” stunt in giving the 2016 Playmate of the year a free 124 for two years. Now let’s check out the first TV spots they’ve made for this sports car.

As you would expect, Fiat 124 Spider commercials come straight at you and deliver the message – which is the roadster’s ability to give you a sense of freedom and, weirdly, get your manhood going – without beating about the bush.

“No Blue Pill Needed” is the self-explanatory title of one of these ads. In this story getting a boner is used as a metaphor to put in perspective how exciting driving this car is. If that’s true, it’s unfortunate that this car is a roadster. People are going to see inside the cabin and think you are a pervert, driving around while sporting wood…


The next Fiat 124 Spider ad is more dignified. Dubbed “Free Like a Bird,” the commercial is a good effort not only in terms of promoting the car, but also the cinematography – they fitted three eagles with tiny cameras to get a literal eagle-eye view – and also due to the fact that it supports a movement which supports and protects threatened birds of prey.


The new Fiat Spider will launch in America in three trim levels of Classica, $24,995; Lusso, $27,495; and Abarth, $28,195.

Fiat 124 Spider ad 600x338 at Fiat 124 Spider Gets a Couple of Cheeky Commercials

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