/Up Close with Team Galag “Arkham Knight” Batmobile

Up Close with Team Galag “Arkham Knight” Batmobile

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The sickest car of this year’s Gumball 3000 – if you can call it a car – is without a question or shadow of doubt the Arkham Knight Batmobile Tumbler by Team Galag. Built using Arab money and European engineering genius, this awesome thing is busy these days raising hell and dropping jaws all over the green continent.

Team Galag Batmobile Tumbler gives a whole new meaning, and a fairly accurate one, to the phrase ‘big boys toys’ as it is the realization of a childhood dream for the people who made it. Reportedly built by a former Koenigsegg engineer working for Caresto firm based on a Lamborghini Gallardo, this real-life Batmobile resembles the Arkham Knight Batmobile featured in Batman video games rather than the movie car. But it’s still insane beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.

Although Team Galag Batmobile Tumbler is based on a Gallardo and uses the same V10 engine and drivetrain, the designers of the vehicle had a lot of trouble making something with such an ungainly body drivable. They had to come up with a whole new suspension system and also devise many new electronics to account for the Tumbler’s loopy features such as the entrance system which is a jet canopy. The main technical specs include 26″ wheels, 560 horsepower, 8-pot Brembo brakes, carbon fiber body and aluminum push rods.

A lot of effort has gone into building this 2.5 meters wide monster, but it’s been all worth it judging by how wild people go for it at every town the Gumball crew crosses.

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