/Gallery: Ferrari FXX K Overdose!

Gallery: Ferrari FXX K Overdose!

Ferrari FXX K Shanghai 0 600x438 at Gallery: Ferrari FXX K Overdose!

We have shown you footage of a multitude of Ferrari FXX K racing car on the race track before. This time catch up with some of the coolest examples of this ultra-expensive hyper track car during the Ferrari Racing Days event in Shanghai. Black, blue, white, red, it’s like an FXX K rainbow up in this b*tch!

Many people these days are busy converting the McLaren P1 GTR so it would be road-legal. But they’ve picked the wrong car. They should be giving the treatment to the Ferrari FXX K because whereas the GTR looks for the most part like a regular P1 with a giant wing, the FXX K is a completely different beast than the standard version, one that looks a helluva lot cooler. We’d pay four or five million Euros – if we had that kind of money, that is – for a road-going FXX K just for the looks. We just wouldn’t be able to choose the color because, as you can see in the gallery below, the matte blue and the matte black look equally sexy:

Photos via Impressive Wrap

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