/Jay Leno Drives the New Batmobile in Burbank

Jay Leno Drives the New Batmobile in Burbank

New Batmobile Jay Leno 600x337 at Jay Leno Drives the New Batmobile in Burbank

As some of you may be aware, Jay Leno now has his own motoring show on CNBC and it has given him a reach he could never have achieved with his web show. One of the perks of being backed by a huge network is that Jay now gets to drive some pretty insane cars, like the new Batmobile from the Batman vs Superman movie, and does it on the streets of Burbank!

That is quite something seeing as the new Batmobile is about the size of a tank and as loud as a fighter jet taking off. Sadly we don’t have the footage of the test drive yet as it has only recently been aired and it takes time for people to capture it, cut it, and put it online. But hopefully Jay himself will upload the full episode on this Youtube channel soon. For now though, check out his introduction new Batmobile. We love the guy, but he had a terrible Batman voice:

You didn’t hear it from us, but if you can’t wait to see the full episode with the Batmobile test drive, try typing in Google Jay Leno’s Garage, and oh I don’t know maybe watch, or online, or full episode. You’ll find it pretty quick.

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