/Virtual Tuning: McLaren P1 Wide Body

Virtual Tuning: McLaren P1 Wide Body

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Those millionaires who are not satisfied with the standard McLaren P1 have a couple of choices to remedy the situation. They can either order one of the road-legal P1 GTRs, or they can have their stock P1 tuned. This McLaren P1 Wide Body rendering here shows the possibilities attainable through the latter route.

Penned by famous designer Jon Sibal as a sort of Tuesday afternoon doodle, this McLaren P1 Wide Body appears to have been inspired by the works of Liberty Walk in the sense that it features very similar fender extensions to LB-Performance packages. It is a treatment which, on the evidence of this very rendering, suits the P1 rather well. Sibal had to fiddle around a bit with the aero part to make work with the new fenders, but other than the kit looks as if it belongs.

Of course, the chances of a McLaren P1 Wide Body like this ever becoming reality are pretty slim. The kit itself is no big deal. These days you can 3D print something like this in a day. The problem is that extreme wide body kits like this need at the very least an air suspension and some extra-wide wheels and tires. So unless a P1 owner is willing to basically re-engineer his multi-million dollar hyper car and mess up all the factory settings, it’s just not happening.

Rendering by Job Sibal

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