/Eye Candy: Mexico Blue Porsche GT3 RS

Eye Candy: Mexico Blue Porsche GT3 RS

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The guys at Cartech has just received a very special Mexico Blue Porsche GT3 RS and before they do anything to it they want to show it off a little. To be honest with you we don’t see how you can improve this car as it’s damn near perfect the way it is.

There aren’t that many mods you can have on your 991 GT3 RS, anyway. Sure, you can install a louder exhaust system, fit a roll cage, and fiddle around with the suspension and wheels. But none of those changes are recommended because they upset the perfect equilibrium of the car achieved through endless testing by some of the world’s greatest automotive engineers. No tuner can claim they now better than Porsche engineers.

Owing to its unique color, Mexico Blue Porsche GT3 RS looks as if it’s a soft and cuddly kind of car – you know, the 911 you would buy for your wife or girlfriend. But make no mistake, with 500 horsepower, rear-wheel-drive, and a track-tuned PDK transmission this thing is capable of amazing feats. And it is still a very edgy, very nervous sports car. You make a mistake in this, it won’t take any prisoners. The good thing is, if you can’t drive a GT3 RS you can park it in your garden and just ogle it.

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