/First Look: LaFerrari Aperta Spider

First Look: LaFerrari Aperta Spider

LaFerrari Aperta Spider 2 600x321 at First Look: LaFerrari Aperta Spider

Ferrari has dropped the first official photos of the highly anticipated Spider version of the LaFerrari hyper car ahead of the car’s official debut at the Paris Motor Show in October. It is officially called Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta and it’s actually more of a Targa than a full convertible.

Boasting conventional doors, LaFerrari Aperta features an opening where the solid roof used to be and this hole can be covered with a handy and, hopefully, easy to use canvas cover. While technical details of the car are yet to be revealed, Ferrari say they have done extensive work on the Aperta’s chassis to make sure that the loss of roof won’t affect the rigidity of the car and therefore its superb performance.

LaFerrari Aperta Spider 1 600x342 at First Look: LaFerrari Aperta Spider

The powertrain has remained unchanged compared with the hard-top LaFerrari (a 960 horsepower hybrid unit with a 800 PS V12 and a 160 PS KERS electric motor) but given the added weight of the structural work LaFerrari Aperta Spider will probably be a little bit slower. That said, Ferrari claims they have altered the aerodynamics of the car as well to compensate for the sizable hole in the roof.

LaFerrari Aperta Spider 0 600x397 at First Look: LaFerrari Aperta Spider

The production number for the limited edition LaFerrari Aperta will be announced at the Paris Motor Show. But it’s a pointless thing to reveal seeing as every single one has already been sold.

laferrari aperta 4 600x343 at First Look: LaFerrari Aperta Spider

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