/Ford F-150 Raptor Terrain Modes Explained

Ford F-150 Raptor Terrain Modes Explained

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The new 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor is one helluva machine. That much is clear by now. What we got here is a massive sports truck with awesome looks, a couple of good engines, and the ability drive over any terrain you can think of thanks to a new drivetrain which utilizes mechanical and electronic wizardry to make the Raptor pretty much unstoppable. 

It is very easy to control the behavior of this system in the Ford F-150 Raptor because it comes with a handy driving mode selector, or Terrain Modes, with six different setting. Thing is, they are all appear to be tailored for some kind of treacherous terrain. It appears in their zeal to make the Raptor a good off-roader, Ford has forgot to make it a good on-roader, a fact we reflected in the rather embarrassing Goodwood episode in which former Stig Ben Collins spun the truck as he tried to drive it a bit fast on nice and smooth tarmac.

Ford F-150 Raptor Terrain Modes:

For everyday on-road driving duties, normal mode is a perfect balance of excitement, comfort and convenience.

Mountain passes are no longer just for Mustang, thanks to Raptor sport mode. For spirited on-road driving, sport mode increases throttle response and provides a sportier steering feel – along with quicker shifting. The transmission holds gears longer to keep you in the power band.

When road conditions are less than ideal, weather mode inspires confidence without compromising driving pleasure. Snow/wet mode automatically engages 4 Auto. AdvanceTrac, throttle response and the shift schedule are optimized for greater confidence in slippery conditions.

For tackling trails and other off-road treks, the mud/sand setting is your best friend. 4 High and the electronic locking differential automatically engage for driving over loose or soft ground, and optimized AdvanceTrac settings help Raptor keep its footing. Steering is set to comfort, which makes it easier to navigate along tight trails and over obstacles.

Baja mode is where Raptor eclipses the competition. Designed for high-speed desert running, Baja mode places the vehicle in 4 High, AdvanceTrac is programmed to the least intrusive settings, and the throttle map is adjusted for more linear power and improved engine response to give the hardcore off-road driver greater control. The transmission has quicker shifts and holds gears longer – keeping the vehicle in its power band.

Rock Crawl
This setting is for intense off-road driving and rock climbing at low speeds. Rock crawl prompts the driver to place the vehicle in 4 Low, the electronic locking differential is automatically engaged and AdvanceTrac is set to the least intrusive settings for optimum rock-climbing ability. Throttle modulation and transmission response are optimized for greater control. Additionally, the front camera allows the driver to see what’s right in front of the truck, and it can be kept on at speeds up to 15 mph.

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