/Rolls-Royce Dawn Goes Full Gangsta in New Rendering

Rolls-Royce Dawn Goes Full Gangsta in New Rendering

Rolls Royce Dawn Gangsta 600x347 at Rolls Royce Dawn Goes Full Gangsta in New Rendering

The freedom that the world of virtual tuning affords the designers often results in some pretty peculiar stuff. Take this Rolls-Royce Dawn, for instance. It’s been lowered, widened, and murdered-out. And the end result is hugely entertaining.

Now, we would like to tell you there is no way something like this will ever grace the roads in the real world. It’d be preposterous… like if Winston Churchill put on a pair of Nike sneakers and a hoodie and started rapping. That’s what this custom Rolls-Royce Dawn amount to. But we can’t tell you that because it damn well can happen, and may already have.

You see, these days the typical Rolls-Royce customer is not the British aristocracy and not even rich Arab sheikhs who dimmed theirs in gold. These days the RR is the darling of the black rappers and these fellas, as you know, have a particular taste in styling their cars. By that standard this gangsta dawn is a pretty awesome job. At least it hasn’t got leopard skin seats or 30” rims.

Rendering by Rain Prisk

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