/Virtual Tuning: Lexus LC 500 Wide Body

Virtual Tuning: Lexus LC 500 Wide Body

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While the world is patiently waiting the release of the excessively handsome Lexus LC 500, designer Jon Sibal took the liberty of coming up with an extreme styling package for the car. Because it is Japanese, the LC 500 is eventually going to get a kit like this. So it’s good to know how it’ll look.

And we’re afraid it’s not very good. Sure, as far as the whole slammed look and the wide body effect are concerned, Sibal’s Lexus LC 500 wide body—which is awfully close to reality—is a job well-done. What we’re arguing is that such a treatment does not suit the looks and character of the LC. It’s just too classy and too beautiful to wear wide and low.  It’s kinda like if Kate Upton dressed like 50 Cent with baggy trousers and a hoodie. It’s not just wrong. It’s unnatural.

The Lexus LC 500 wide body penned here features a set of custom fenders on the front and rear complemented with equally fat dished wheels and an air suspension that drops the car right to the ground. We do hope that this treatment remains a virtual one and no LC 500 owner ever decides to try it on their car. If you want to improve a car as beautiful as this just get it a nice and expensive set of wheel. Don’t mess around with the design.

Rendering by Jon Sibal

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