/Virtual Tuning: Liberty Walk Lamborghini Centenario

Virtual Tuning: Liberty Walk Lamborghini Centenario

Liberty Walk Lamborghini Centenario 600x329 at Virtual Tuning: Liberty Walk Lamborghini Centenario

The limited edition Lamborghini Centenario, as you know, is limited to 40 copies and it starts at $2 million USD. So we’re not sure if any of the 40 people who have ordered one have the balls to actually modify this expensive toy. But should they develop the stones, here’s what a wide body Liberty Walk Lamborghini Centenario would look like.

Of course, this qualifies as an extreme visual makeover for the big Lambo and a lot of people may find it a bit much. But excess is the very essence of Lamborghini. If you are having your Lambo tuned, you must go all the way and get the wheels, body kit, suspension, the whole nine yards. That’s the case with this Liberty Walk Lamborghini Centenario. It doesn’t mess around with a wheel or a wing. It gets the lot.

So you find on the car LB-Works bolt-on fenders connected with a new and chunky side skirts, complemented with huge aero parts including a yellow-accented front splitter with custom air ducts and, presumably, a massive rear diffuser. There is also that giant rear wing, a set of extra-wide black wheels, and the all-important air suspension system which on the real thing would come from Airrex.

The real Liberty Walk Lamborghini Centenario would also get a custom exhaust system, preferably with some serious fire spitting capability.

Rendering by Miletic Design

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