/Black Ferrari Enzo Gets Smoky at Auction!

Black Ferrari Enzo Gets Smoky at Auction!

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Remember that limited edition 1 of 4 Black Ferrari Enzo we showed you a while ago headed for the Mecum Auction’s Monterey sale with a lot of pump and circumstance? Well, it made it there in one piece only to start smoking right on the stage as it was being paraded around. Not that it would put off prospective customers, as it still went for two million dollars.

Mind you, that is considerably less than the original estimate which put the value of this car somewhere between $2,500,000 to $3,500,000. It is true that this Black Ferrari Enzo was not bought to be driven but rather to be stowed away until the next auction where the new owner hopes to make a few bucks on it, but still, the whole smoking malarkey did have an effect on the car’s auction performance seeing as fixing these cars is a huge undertaking and extremely expensive.

As for what that smoke was, the culprit is almost certainly the Achilles heel of every Enzo, which is its rubbish clutch system that pretty much lets go after a couple of full-attack launches, or if you treat it like a regular clutch and just dawdle around with it, which is what they did as they drove the car on to the stage. The Enzo has a single-clutch transmission which is too weak for the kind of power it makes. This issue was addressed in cars that came after this model by using a double-clutch gearbox.

Video by Spencer Berke

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