/Eye Candy: Ferrari F50 in Monaco

Eye Candy: Ferrari F50 in Monaco

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What do you say to starting your week with little bit of an eye candy? What we have here is a bunch of cool photos showcasing the iconic Ferrari F50 with the gorgeous Monte Carlo coastline as the backdrop. What’s not to like, huh?

We don’t for a fact, but we have a sneaking suspicion that if there is a heaven, God has modeled it on Monaco, complete with the harbor, the rolling hills, the casinos, the F1 track, and of course, all those amazing cars. It takes a lot to stand out in a place like that, but Ferrari F50 is one of those things that can manage it beautifully. Despite being somewhat old-fashioned—and not in a vintage car sort of a way—the car looks perfectly at home there.

The only problem with the idea of standing out with a Ferrari F50 in Monaco is that you won’t be driving the car that often, because it is terrible. The F50 is fast and all that, but on anything other than the smooth surface of a race track the F1-inspired V12 engine, which is bolted directly to the chassis behind the seats, is going to cut your spine in half after five minutes of cruising, and you’re not even going to hear the sound of your spine getting crushed because the V12 racket has made you deaf long ago!

Still, this beast is quite a charming one and there is no harm in ogling it. So let’s do that (photos by Dphotographymc):

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