/Porsche 991 C4S Twins Spotted Out and About

Porsche 991 C4S Twins Spotted Out and About

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With all the hoopla surrounding Porsche’s range-topping 991 models like the Turbo, GT3 RS, and upcoming GT2, it is easy to forget about the regular 911 and how awesome they can be. Here we have a pair of identical Porsche 991 C4S—that’s Carrera 4 S— and they are all the 911 you can ever want.

Granted, with a Carrera you don’t get a big engine and a massive aero kit. But we put it to you, park one of these slate grey Porsche 991 C4S next to a GT3 RS and ask a hot girl which one she thinks is sexier. Obviously she’s going to pick the more elegant Carrera because the RS, with its vented fenders and giant wing, appeals only to geeky, hard-core Porsche fans, most of whom have beard. To a normal person the C4S is prettier, and since it cost a LOT less it also makes more sense.

And as for the question of performance, so long as you are planning to hit the track everyday with your 911, the Carrera is more than satisfactory in every occasion. In fact, in the real world this model is just as fast as a GT3 or an RS, maybe even faster because it is not as low and wide and you don’t have to worry too much about damaging it.

The Porsche 991 C4S pictured here has the perfect specs for us, what with the extremely dignified grey paint work, the black wheels, the sunroof option, and of course the Carrera 4 technical spec which include a 420 hp flat-six and four-wheel-drive.

Photos by Stylenl

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