/Rendering: Honda Civic Cabrio

Rendering: Honda Civic Cabrio

Honda Civic Cabrio 600x333 at Rendering: Honda Civic Cabrio

Sometimes it is the simplest renderings that make the most sense, or at least interest you the most. We get a ton of hyper car renderings each day in which the designer has done all sort of unspeakable things to the machine. But the one we would actually want to happen is stuff like this Honda Civic Cabrio – stuff with real world value.

Unfortunately this Honda Civic Cabrio is not something we could expect to see out in the real world seeing as Honda has no plan to make a convertible version of the Civic. But we absolutely love the idea of a cheap and simple drop-top that doesn’t have the impracticality, or the negative image, of a sports car. Say what you want, but the fact is that the simple joy of driving in good weather with the top down is lot greater than any precise cornering or drifting you can pull off in a sports car.

That said, and since we are talking about hypotheticals here, we would have our Honda Civic Cabrio in the high-performance Type R guise. And not only that, we’d have it tuned to something like 400 horsepower. Now that’s some recipe, ain’t it?

Rendering by X-Tomi Design

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