/McLaren P1 LM Filmed in Action at the ‘Ring

McLaren P1 LM Filmed in Action at the ‘Ring

P1 LM ring 600x364 at McLaren P1 LM Filmed in Action at the ‘Ring

So a couple of days ago something truly special was caught at the Nurburgring, exciting us with its sights and sounds and confusing us further as to the point of the whole thing. It was a McLaren P1 LM which, as we have already reported, is a road-going version of the GTR hyper track car. So it’s a road-going version of a track car which is now being used on the track again… Looks like the owner just wanted to waste a couple of million pounds converting this thing.

Of course, you could say that now the guy can drive his McLaren P1 LM to the Nurburgring, have his fun, and then drive back to England or wherever with the car. But you see, we’re not sure anyone would want to do that. Road-legal it may have become, but the P1 LM is still very much a track beast at heart and you don’t want to – indeed, you physically can’t – drive it more than a few hours without your back hurting or your ears bleeding. So yea, it’s still not easy seeing the point of this car.

In becoming a street-legal car McLaren P1 LM has lost none of its performance characteristics. They are virtually identical to the GTR’s with over 1,000 horsepower.

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