/Is Porsche 911 R Britain’s Best Driver’s Car?

Is Porsche 911 R Britain’s Best Driver’s Car?

Porsche 911 R track 600x314 at Is Porsche 911 R Britain’s Best Driver’s Car?

Well, to answer that question we have to wait for the boys at Autocar magazine to complete their super test involving some of the best sports cars launched in 2016. But since Porsches have traditionally won car magazine’s comparison tests, and taking into account that specs-wise Porsche 911 R is a car journalist’s wet dream, we’d say the German has a pretty good chance of taking home the prestigious title.

For now let’s just enjoy looking at the Porsche 911 R as it’s being taken round the track doing its best to impress the judges. Not that it needs to make an effort, really. The thing’s got a 991 GT3 RS engine in a GT3 chassis with a manual gearbox and a couple of stripes. This to a car journo is the equivalent of catching Jennifer Lawrence with her butt out for a TMZ cameraman.

We should probably point out that often what an experience journalist likes in a car is not what the majority of the public would find particularly delightful. Take that manual gearbox, for instance. To us car guys that is the best thing ever. But someone who’s used to the lightning fast changes the dual-clutch in his Ferrari 488 is probably not going to be impressed too much.

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