/Porsche 911 R Meets the Carrera GT

Porsche 911 R Meets the Carrera GT

Porsche 911R v CarreraGT 600x348 at Porsche 911 R Meets the Carrera GT

The new and extremely hot Porsche 911 R is getting the kind of hype that its big uncle, the Carrera GT, got when it first came to the scene about fifteen years ago. And, interestingly, it is also selling for what the CGT used to sell when it was new, which goes to show how much demand there is for this super special 911. So it is only fitting to compare these living legends and see what’s going on.

And that is what the boys at Supercar Driver channel have been up to. They took a Porsche 911 R to visit a Carrera GT from Tom Hartley’s collection. Needless to say, awesomeness ensued:

As superb as the 911 R is, what with a 500 horsepower engine, light weight and a manual gearbox, for us the winner of this comparo is without a doubt the Carrera GT. In fact, the CGT is, in our eyes, the greatest Porsche of all time. The thing has such a unique charm that, even after all these years, it can still rev our engine, really hard!

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