/Jay Leno Reviews the new Jaguar XKSS

Jay Leno Reviews the new Jaguar XKSS

XKSS Leno 600x351 at Jay Leno Reviews the new Jaguar XKSS

A few days after its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the brand-new classic Jaguar XKSS was dispatched to Jay Leno’s Garage because apparently the company’s brass was convinced that was the right venue to properly introduce this unique creation to the fans. Jay, as you know, is a huge British sports car fan, so let’s see what he makes of this one.

The 1957 Jaguar XKSS is actually a product of 2017. This car is one of only nine that will be built in the course of the year, all of them already sold at one million pound apop. These XKSS models are the ‘lost’ cars that were destroyed in a fire in 1957 before the company could ship them to America.

Being a “period correct continuation,” the body of the 2017 Jaguar XKSS is made from magnesium alloy, as it was in 1957, and because the original styling bucks do not exist, Jaguar Classic produced a new, bespoke styling buck based on the original bodies from the 1950s. The bodies of the nine new cars will be formed on this buck, using a traditional process called hand-wheeling. The whole thing was formed using a combination of original drawings from Jaguar’s archive and modern technology as well as 3D scanning.

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