/LaFerrari Aperta Sighted at Monaco Ferrari Meeting

LaFerrari Aperta Sighted at Monaco Ferrari Meeting

LaFerrari Aperta 600x346 at LaFerrari Aperta Sighted at Monaco Ferrari Meeting

Since the majority of the cars on the streets of Monte Carlo are exotic super and hyper cars, the term “car meet” doesn’t really have a meaning there. Even so, every once in a while a group of rich dudes get together to chat admire each other’s cars – like this Ferrari gathering which, as luck would have it, was graced with the presence of the city’s first LaFerrari Aperta.

The extremely rare and even more extremely expensive LaFerrari Aperta is like a regular LaFerrari only with a hole in the roof which you can cover with a piece of carbon. For this Ferrari has reportedly charged customers nearly $2 million dollars, which is fine, because those who have paid that money are going to double it come sale time.

This, dawdling around the high-class streets of a trendy town, is pretty much all a LaFerrari Aperta will do during its lifetime. You almost wonder why in the hell did Ferrari give this car 960 horsepower? Nobody’s going to use that power, so what’s the point? A 1.2 diesel would have sufficed for the kind of speed the showing-off style of driving requires.

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