/Official: Rezvani Beast Alpha

Official: Rezvani Beast Alpha

 at Official: Rezvani Beast Alpha

Following a number of exciting teasers, Rezvani Motors is now ready to take the wraps off their latest creation at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The Rezvani Beast Alpha is a more civilized version of the regular Beast with features such as a Targa roof, SideWinder doors, and a huge turn of speed.

By adding a removable targa-style top Rezvani has made the Alpha a Beast for more opportunities than just dry, sunny days. What’s more, because you now have comfier seats and a more plush cabin you can actually go places in this car without your back hurting or your ears bleeding, which is nice. But make no mistake, Rezvani Beast Alpha is still a hard-core sports car at heart.

With a carbon fiber construction that make the whole thing incredibly light and a powerful 2.4-liter 500 HP Honda racing engine, Rezvani Beast Alpha can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds with a close ratio 6-speed manual transmission. A sequential transmission is also available, but given the nature of this car as a sporty machine for enthusiasts the manual is better choice. Other notable highlights include uniquely tuned exhaust, LED headlight, programmable race car instrument cluster, and of course the SideWinder doors which look kinda cool but to be honest seem like a bit of a faff.

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