/Watch a Purple McLaren P1 Raise Hell in London

Watch a Purple McLaren P1 Raise Hell in London

Purple McLaren P1 600x355 at Watch a Purple McLaren P1 Raise Hell in London

Usually with these car spotting videos we get to see from the outside as the driver of the super cars that are the subject of the piece go about making noise and act like hooligans. This time though, with this superb Purple McLaren P1 MSO, we get to go along for the ride as the driver does fast accelerations and quick fly-bys, wowing the crowd around central London.

This Purple McLaren P1 features one of the classiest MSO paint job this hyper car has ever got. But since they are now offering this color for the 650 and 570 models as well, it is not very exclusive anymore and for that reason it has to ranked fifth or sixth among all the unique colors the P1 comes in. That said, it’s still a real treat for the eyes, this P1:

The one thing we can’t wrap our heads around about this whole thing is if what we see in the video is all there is to owning a hyper car. I mean, the guy has spent a million pounds on this car so that he can drive it around London like a pillock? Isn’t that a bit daft? There must better things one can do with his time and, of course, a million pounds.

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