/Bugatti Chiron Designer Joins Hyundai

Bugatti Chiron Designer Joins Hyundai

Alexander Selipanov 161007 600x384 at Bugatti Chiron Designer Joins Hyundai

You know how in sports sometimes a top level player leaves the premiership to go and play for an up and coming but low-ranking team, for money or challenge or whatever? Well, the equivalent of that has happened in the auto world as the guy who penned the Bugatti Chiron hyper car is headed over to Hyundai to work for their Genesis brand. This is probably the only time Hyundai and Bugatti are mentioned in the same breath.

Alexander Selipanov, a Russian national born in Tbilisi, Georgia, the man who held the prestigious position Head of Exterior Design, Creative at Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. and did the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo show car and after that the production Bugatti Chiron, this guy has agreed to go and design chintzy saloons for Hyundai. Although, in fairness, they probably won’t be chintzy anymore when he’s through with them.

At Hyundai Selipanov will be Chief Designer at the Global Genesis Advanced Studio, located in Europe, and hopefully they will give him the job of shaping the next Hyundai Genesis Coupe. This guy’s way too talented to be designing sedans for fat and moderately successful businessmen who can’t afford a Mercedes.

“I am sincerely excited about this opportunity, because it will be a new chapter in my career. As I have been working with well-established brands so far, Genesis is a new and refreshing challenge to me,” said Alexander Selipanov. “In addition, I am also honored to join this exciting journey, as it is a very rare chance to launch a luxury automotive brand and be part of its history. With growing expectations and curiosity around Genesis, I cannot wait to contribute my expertise and passion to the brand.”

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