/2018 Ford GT Driven on Road and Track

2018 Ford GT Driven on Road and Track

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As the first examples of the 2018 Ford GT supercar get ready for shipment and the few lucky rich guys who have ordered one count the days for it to arrive, the company hosted a small press driving event for the GT in Utah. Besides being totally awesome and extremely cool, the new GT also serves as a test bed for future technologies we will soon in other Fords. 

Among the 2018 Ford GT innovations that will soon make their way to other sporty Fords of a lower order there is the carbon fibre lightweighting which has too many benefits to be overlooked, and the sophisticated Drive Modes, a sample of which is already used in the Focus RS with the track mode.

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Aerodynamics is another area where Ford GT can be of great use for the engineers working on simpler models. GT’s aerodynamics change on demand to meet varying driving conditions, thanks to moveable elements around the body, including special ducts in the front, and a large deployable wing. The flaps open and close depending on whether GT’s wing is up or down, so the car remains aerodynamically balanced from front to back at all speeds. When the wing is up, the ducts close to increase downforce; when the wing is down, the ducts open to decrease downforce. The GT’s aerodynamics produce positive downforce in all conditions. At high ride height, the downforce has a balance of 30 per cent front. In low ride height, the downforce balance is maintained at 29 per cent front.

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Last but not least, we have the Ford GT’s 3.5-litre EcoBoost engine which at 647 horsepower proves you don’t have to sacrifice economy for performance and vice versa. The engine features an innovative anti-lag turbo technology which is of great importance, and it comes with a all-new port and direct dual fuel-injection setup to enhance engine response. Also interesting is the GT’s hydraulic suspension, which changes ride height with a turn of the knob that adjusts Drive Modes. But that’s not something we can expect to see in something like the Focus anytime soon!

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