/McLaren BP23 Hyper GT ‘Speed Form’ Sculpture Revealed

McLaren BP23 Hyper GT ‘Speed Form’ Sculpture Revealed

BP23 Speed Form top 730x375 at McLaren BP23 Hyper GT ‘Speed Form’ Sculpture Revealed

McLaren has yet to reveal the official name of their new Hyper GT, which they currently refer to as McLaren BP23. But they have already come up with a complementary sculpture that will be delivered to each of 106 buyers of the BP23. It’s called the Speed Form and reveals the layout of the three-seat cabin

Of course, we already knew that the upcoming McLaren BP23 Hyper GT would have three seats and a central driving position in the style of McLaren F1, the legendary hyper car to which it is the spiritual successor. But the BP23 is miles more impressive than the F1 in terms of design. The driver seat in the middle is of a different color than the two passenger seats, and it is part of the car’s styling with a back section that extends all the way to the back of the car. This then will be one of the first cars ever to have blend the exterior and interior styling and use their features co-dependently.

BP23 Speed Form front and back 730x486 at McLaren BP23 Hyper GT ‘Speed Form’ Sculpture Revealed

The Speed Form sculpture, as mentioned, is a token of McLaren’s appreciation that will come with each of the 106 production units of McLaren BP23. It measures 400mm x 205mm x 80mm and weighs 3.6kg. The thing is an engineering marvel on its own.  What’s more, each sculpture takes more than 100 hours to make, 30 of which is spent on expert hand-polishing alone. They say the sculpture is a ‘Money-can’t-buy’ object, but rest assure you will find plenty of them listed on eBay in the near future. Whether you will be able to afford the cost is another matter altogether.

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