/McLaren to revive F1 supercar

McLaren to revive F1 supercar

mclaren f1 at McLaren to revive F1 supercar

British sportscar maker and racing giant McLaren is to make a new F1 model to regain its position as the ultimate supercar. Given the old F1, you can tell this new McLaren is going to be a Veyron killer!

As Autocar reveals according to an internal source, the new F1 is part of McLaren’s plan to extend model line. A plan by which McLaren hopes to take on Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini and start a new era of great British supercars. The forthcoming P11 and the Porsche 911 rivaling  ‘Baby McLaren‘ are other projects coming out from Woking, Surrey.

McLaren and Mercedes are like bonnie & clyde, so no wonder the new F1’s engine comes from Affalterbach, but it needs to be something extraordinary to live up with the name of  McLaren F1. The old car took the supercars to the next level when it was launched back in 1991. It had a V12 engine from BMW with over 600hp which could take the car up to 386 km/h. An astonishing record which even today , is outstanding.

Of course it’s a very long way for the new F1 to come, as they say it’s just a vision for the time being, but even the rumor about a new supercar and specially a McLaren, is so exciting!

source: Autocar

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