/Vygor Opera 2: Would You Spend €140,000 on This?

Vygor Opera 2: Would You Spend €140,000 on This?

Vygor Opera 1 at Vygor Opera 2: Would You Spend €140,000 on This?

After unveiling the Opera GT SUV thingy last month, guys behind Vygor looked at it and thought God it’s hideous! So they came up with the Opera 2, which in fairness is a bit more tolerable.

The thing is, they’ve priced this car at a whopping €140,000. That’s £120,000 GBP or $190,000 USD if you live on the other side of the Atlantic. That money can buy you a number of very great cars with years and years of pedigree, tons of features, lavish style and loads of horsepower.

So let’s see what the Vygor has to offer for that price…

Well, it has a body that appears to be designed by a Chinese student with a big obsession with cheap comic strips. It looks awful. Vygor Opera weighs 1.5 tons and can be had with 18 to 20 inch wheels. Speaking of which, using gold wheels on a red car in these press pictures kinda shows the designer’s taste.

So it has nothing to say in terms of style and charm. Maybe it can redeem itself performance-wise. I’m afraid not. It has a 2.0 liter Mitsubishi turbo engine out of an Evo, which with different tunes can deliver 300 hp and 380 Nm – 350 hp and 490 Nm or 420 hp and 590 Nm of torque. A 60 grand Mercedes will give you 520 hp these days.

Vygor Opera has looks and specs of a 40,000 euro car. Thy are charging an extra 100 grand! I mean who would say no, I don’t want a Porsche, or a Maserati, or a Mercedes, or an Aston, I want a Vygor. It’s just a joke this car.

Vygor Opera 2 at Vygor Opera 2: Would You Spend €140,000 on This?

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