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David Brown Automotive Speedback Revealed

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A while ago a new British sports car maker led by automotive visionary David Brown announced its plans to launch an exquisite machine, codenamed Judi. It is now ready, and it is christened David Brown Automotive Speedback. And it is retro-awesome!

The Speedback is a retro-looking car with modern underpinnings, offering an uncompromising blend of style and performance. It is based on the Jaguar XKR and features a bespoke aluminum body styled to resemble old British sports cars, namely the Aston Martin DB5. And it looks sensational, inside and out.

David Brown Automotive Speedback features unmodified Jaguar XKR engine, chassis and suspension. As Brown tells it, he doesn’t care one bit about sports car-like performance. This car is all about the design, and the joys of driving something that looks exceptionally cool, without any of the usual drawbacks of classic car motoring.

That is why instead of a five-way traction control, they give you fold-away picnic table, and instead of Alcantara and carbon fiber, lush British leather and wood. Still, you won’t be wanting for speed in the Speedback. The powertrain might be standard XKR, but it still makes a healthy 510 horsepower, fed to the rear wheels via a six-speed automatic transmission.

Brown says customers will be able to customize, and essentially coachbuild, their cars. That is hint that David Brown Automotive Speedback is going to be a hugely expensive proposition. The car will be revealed in full at the next Top Marques Monaco.


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