/Jaguar F-Type Coupe Gets Rude Advertisement in UK

Jaguar F-Type Coupe Gets Rude Advertisement in UK

jaguar f the meeting at Jaguar F Type Coupe Gets Rude Advertisement in UK

Jaguar is known for their controversial advertising campaigns. Whether it’s poking fun at rivals, or lavishing millions of dollars on celebrities to appear in their ads, they always get the job done and attract a lot of attention to the brand. The latest campaign for the Jaguar F-Type Coupe, called “Good to be Bad,” takes the whole thing to the next level.

Besides featuring many A-list celebs, Good to be Bad also dials up the rudeness, but in a clever, British sort of way. They just launched this billboard ad you see above in the UK, which tells the onlooker to “F the Meeting” and go have fun with the F-Type.

So what they really mean is F-Type the meeting, not the other thing. Or maybe we can use F-Type as an alternative for that word. I mean what the F-Type!

It is rude, but also utterly brilliant! With ads like this, Jaguar is establishing itself as a cool brand for cool people. The rudeness of the ad is also quite honest. I mean the deafening racket of the F-Type is kind of like a middle finger to your neighbors, so…

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