/Twingo Cannes Debut: Future Blockbuster?

Twingo Cannes Debut: Future Blockbuster?

Renault Twingo 600x399 at Twingo Cannes Debut: Future Blockbuster?

Renault takes center stage on the red carpet this week at the Cannes Film Festival. Entering its 67th year, the Cannes Film Festival attracts audiences and visitors from around the globe. Visitors will include film fanatics, politicians, journalists, high profile movie stars and a worldwide television audience. Arguably the ideal stage for brand promotion, which is exactly what Renault have in mind.

In addition to the French car manufacturer’s unveiling of the Megane RS 275 Trophy, the extremely active events organization team have set the stage to promote the upcoming Twingo. Certainly Renault are no strangers to the cinematic world, with a history of cooperation spanning as far back as 1899 in partnership with the Lumière brothers. But what exactly will make the new Twingo a star car?


1 540x600 at Twingo Cannes Debut: Future Blockbuster?

That’s right folks, Renault’s new city car will be available with a rear-mounted engine, providing power to the rear wheels. Breaking the Twingo tradition, the new placement will allow for greater interior room, which is of great importance to the city car sector. Seating for four passengers and a large box of popcorn may be vastly superior to current market leaders. Furthermore, the turning circle will vastly improve, allowing for tighter maneuvering with minimal effort on the part of the driver. Hopefully the new model should inspire the same simple thrills experienced with the original 1992 Twingo, just add a set of Bridgestone d697 at Tyresales.com.au and you’re good to go.

More doors, less flaws

2 534x600 at Twingo Cannes Debut: Future Blockbuster?

Strictly speaking, the Twingo’s historical profile consists of many regularities. One of those is the three-door layout, synonymous with previous models. Conservatism breaks no new ground though, and Renault’s innovation lately has certainly paid dividends. Hence the new Twingo will be available as a five-door. Demonstrating a similar ideology to the current Clio, more doors equals superior practicality and accessibility. Furthermore, the design team have given the styling a makeover worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster, managing to give the sporty impression of a three-door layout with concealed rear door handles and luscious curves.


3 600x415 at Twingo Cannes Debut: Future Blockbuster?

Renault claims the new Twingo offers interior space worthy of a larger segment. Whilst this has yet to be seen, the external proportions are rather intelligent. We can therefore expect a better use of interior space than the current Fiat 500. There is absolutely minimal overhang on all four corners, echoing the one-wheel on each corner design which created the legendary original Mini. As per usual for the model’s history, the Twingo will be small and ultimately extremely maneuverable around town, meaning that city parking will prove simple. Another promising factor is the partnership with Daimler, who aim to base their next Smart ForTwo and ForFour models on the Twingo chassis.

Optional extras

4 600x416 at Twingo Cannes Debut: Future Blockbuster?

As is typical with the Opel Adam and Fiat 500, two of the Twingo’s toughest competitors, customization options will be aplenty. Initially, the option for ‘Pop’ colors light blue, white, yellow and red, will add a sense of vibrance to the splendid design. Additionally, the Twingo can be ordered with LED daytime running lights, customizable external trim, sporty decals and a full-length sunroof. Renault aim to target the premium supermini segment with the Twingo, hence offering as many personalization options as possible will improve the vehicle’s image against the popular Citroen DS3.


5 600x413 at Twingo Cannes Debut: Future Blockbuster?

In addition to customization options, practicality and nippy handling, a premium supermini certainly must looks the part if it hopes to compete against already established competition. Although the Twingo has never truly been considered premium until now, the first version exemplified chic styling which still looks great over twenty years later – something lost in the outgoing generation. Fortunately, the forthcoming model is a dramatic improvement on the second generation, with styling inspired by the original Twingo and the legendary Renault 5. The rear end is largely a tribute to the Renault 5, with the angular C-pillar, with the front end combining the first Twingo’s bubbly appearance with elements of the current Clio’s design language thrown in for contemporary appeal. To say it looks the part is an understatement.

6 600x417 at Twingo Cannes Debut: Future Blockbuster?
The original pioneering Twingo and its revolutionary design.

Whether it will be able to fend off competition from the Citroen DS3, Fiat 500 and Opel Adam has yet to be determined. However we remain optimistic that Renault has done it again, and created a potential icon. Let’s hope that the red carpet appearance at Cannes will be the prequel to a box office success.

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