/Lykan Hypersport: This Is What $3.4 Million Sounds Like!

Lykan Hypersport: This Is What $3.4 Million Sounds Like!

lykan monaco 600x335 at Lykan Hypersport: This Is What $3.4 Million Sounds Like!

Middle East’s first proper super car, Lykan Hypersport, made its debut this year at the Top Marques Monaco show and then hung around the city for quite a while, giving all spotters in the world a chance to capture it from every angle. We’ve shown the car in various poses before, so this time let’s check out its soundtrack.

Even though only a tiny bit of the $3.4 million you have to pay for a Lykan Hypersport is for its powertrain – most of it is for the diamond-encrusted headlights – it is a mighty thing built by RUF based on a Porsche flat-six. Listen to it roar:

The performance numbers claimed for Lykan Hypersport put its 0 to 100 km/h sprint time at 2.8 seconds and the top speed at over 380 km/h. It probably can do that, even though it doesn’t look aerodynamic enough. In any case, you don’t buy a $3.4 million car to race it. You buy it to show off.

Video by CvdZijden

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