/Dodge Challenger Hellcat Production Limited to 1,200 Units?

Dodge Challenger Hellcat Production Limited to 1,200 Units?

hellcat at night 600x370 at Dodge Challenger Hellcat Production Limited to 1,200 Units?

That’s great. Chrysler finally made a car people are actually excited about, and they’ve gave it an enticing price, and now they are going to make only 1,200 copies of it. This is the rumor that’s been circling around the auto world this weekend.

Some Chrysler insider has revealed to Edmunds that the company is going to introduce a production cap for the new Dodge Challenger Hellcat at just 1,200 units, which is a pathetic number for a car like this. One would think they are doing this for the sake of exclusivity, but we reckon it is because at $60K apiece, Chrysler is losing money on each Hellcat sold, and if a higher price tag would drive customers away.

Judging by the public’s interest in the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, everybody in the car world expects the new muscle car to sell like hot cakes. After all, it is really hard not to like something that costs as much as a 5-Series Bimmer and yet makes 707 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque – even if it’s a rather crude muscle car.

Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis could neither confirm nor deny the rumor, saying: “We are working on allocation formulas right now and scenarios on how we will allocate it. I can’t tell you exactly what we will do. Will we allocate based on past Challenger sales? Will we base it on Challenger V8 sales? On SRT and V8 (combined)? Whatever it ends up being somewhere in that group of possibilities it will then be opened up to anybody who is a Dodge dealer.”

Via Edmunds

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