/W Motors Lykan Supersport Teased

W Motors Lykan Supersport Teased

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Following the successful launch of the Lykan Hypersport, W Motors, the first Arabian producer of exotic cars, is about to launch a new version of their multimillion dollar model. This one is, by the looks of things, a hard-core, performance-minded version, and it’s called Lykan Supersport.

Details of W Motors Lykan Supersport are yet to be released, but judging by the teaser image they have released, we reckon this one is more focused on power and performance than luxury and exclusivity. The Hypersport has become famous for features like diamond-encrusted headlights and a mahoosive price tag of $3.4 million USD. The Supersport’s claim to fame will probably be some crazy amount of power.

The luxurious Hypersport is powered by a flat-six Porsche engine tuned by RUF specifically for this car to 750 horsepower. W Motors has said before they intend to launch more powerful versions, boasting upwards of 1,000 hp. That is probably what the Supersport will be getting.

Lykan Supersport also appears to be more aerodynamic than its exotic counterpart and features more visible carbon fiber parts; a hint at the fact that it is a performance-oriented machine. W Motors is also developing a racing version of the Lykan called Hyperbeast.

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