/Corvette Stingray Falls Victim to Acid Attack

Corvette Stingray Falls Victim to Acid Attack

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Taking out your anger on someone’s car is one of the cruelest ways of getting back at them. We have seen numerous videos of people attacking cars with axe or knives or bullets even. But this is the first time we come across a case of acid attack on a car. And what a car it is.

The car in question is a Corvette Stingray and it’s got badly burned on the bonnet, doors, and the boot. So all of the body, pretty much, is ruined. Whoever did this was evidently quite mad the owner of the Corvette and wanted to teach him a lesson he wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

The motivation behind the acid attack on this black Corvette Stingray remains unknown, but the damage done by it is abundantly clear. Still, as terrible as acid attacks are, when the victim is a car it is far preferable to, say, an attack by axe. Sure, the car needs a complete respray, but at least there the body work is intact.

Corvette Stingray, as you know, has a fiber glass and carbon body. Repairing those panels is a huge undertaking, and replacing them is quite expensive.  So yea, it could have been worse!

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