/Porsche Museum Launches “Project: Top Secret!”

Porsche Museum Launches “Project: Top Secret!”

Porsche Museum Secret 0 600x333 at Porsche Museum Launches Project: Top Secret!

Porsche Museum, one of the biggest and most active automotive museums in the world, is treating their fans with a new special exhibition called “Project: Top Secret!” As the name clearly suggests, this exhibition is for the secret prototypes Porsche has used over the years to develop some of their finest road cars.

During this exhibition, Porsche Museum will feature 16 unique vehicles, most of which have never been shown to the public. The range includes top-secret concept cars, camouflaged prototypes as well as one-of-a-kind record-breaking, testing and experimental vehicles.

Among the most interesting secrets on display, we can mention the Porsche 959 aerodynamic prototype, the 928 Cabriolet, the Roadster Type 984, and of course the famous V8-powered Type 956 Porsche 911. The grandfather of the Panamera, the four-door Porsche 989 “family sports car,” is also on display, plus the “rolling chassis” of the 918 Spyder super sports car, which we featured comprehensively here years ago.

“Project: Top Secret!” at Porsche Museum offers the fans a rare look inside the company’s skunkworks and how they go about making their most advanced sports car. In addition to the guided tour of the special exhibition, families can participate in a scavenger hunt, and camouflage a model 918 Spyder themselves.

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