/Rendering: Chrysler 200 Coupe

Rendering: Chrysler 200 Coupe

chrysler 200 coupe 600x300 at Rendering: Chrysler 200 Coupe

Nope, this is not some sleek and elegant Sportback Audi. This is in fact a Chrysler 200 turned, digitally, into a coupe, and it looks amazing. The 200 is of course a handsome car as a sedan, but the coupe just takes it up a notch. It looks really cool.

Now, that’s a surprise, because Chrysler cars are usually very butch and aggressive and therefore have little sophistication about them. This Chrysler 200 Coupe though, ticks all the right boxes as something that could rival the very best in this class from prestigious brands like Audi, Mercedes, and BMW.

Boasting a delightful fastback design, Chrysler 200 Coupe has sleek profile that has just the right amount of retro mixed with the modern lines of the new sedan. By the looks of things it is a proper four-seater and has ample cargo room as well. So it does make a lot of sense. Not that it matters though, because the chances of Chrysler producing a car based on a random rendering is zero.

But you can take solace in the fact that there are any custom car shops in the U.S. that can undertake such tasks such as re-bodying a car. So if you like this 200 Coupe too much, that’s something you should look into!

Rendering by Theophilus Chin

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