/Watch Mauro Calo Drift a Bunch of Supercars

Watch Mauro Calo Drift a Bunch of Supercars

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Some say, and we don’t know who they are, that precision stunt driver Mauro Calo, the record holder for the world’s longest drift, might have been the Stig on a number of occasions. That’s as may be, but what we know for sure is that Mauro has indeed doubled for Top Gear presenters in pretty much all of the drifting and action scenes in recent seasons.

The man has now released a showreel of some of his works for Top Gear and other magazines and TV shows, and it is three minutes of pure drifting porn! It is a must-watch for anyone who likes cars and driving:

So next time you see James May or Richard Hammond drive a fast car on TV and slide it about, look closer as the car is going sideways and you may spot Mauro’s face in there… before they cut back to the presenter looking chuffed that’s he’s just pulled off an awesome drift! That is probably not true about Clarkson, as he is fully capable of driving like a hooligan on his own.

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