/Clarkson Supporters Bring a Tank to the BBC!

Clarkson Supporters Bring a Tank to the BBC!

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In true Clarksonian style, some fans of the suspended Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson took to the streets of London to deliver the #BringBackClarkson petition, with nearly one million signatures, to the corporation’s top brass.

Tank is known to be one of Clarkson’s favorite modes of transportation, and these people chose it as an act of solidarity with the man. Whether or not elaborate efforts like this will have any effect on BBC’s ongoing investigation of the “fracas” that started with Clarkson punching a producer will remain to be seen.

In the mean time, anti-Clarkson people, some of them high-profile celebrities, have taken to Twitter to speak about their disgust with what Jeremy did to the producer who had failed to bring him a hot dinner. Just run #JeremyClarkson and you will find comments calling Jezza words like “bully” and “bigot”. There was even some guy sending a big box of Snickers to Top Gear with this written on it: “To Jeremy Clarkson; You are not you when you are hungry!” As much as we like this guy, we have to admit some of this is actually true.

BBC, naturally, wants to continue the Top Gear franchise, as it is highly profitable for them. But as we reported earlier, Richard Hammond and James May have refused to film for any remaining or future episodes of the show without Jeremy there. There are some rumors flying around that even if BBC decide to reinstate Jezza, he may choose to quit the corporation and go solo.

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