/McLaren at Geneva Motor Show 2015 – Highlights

McLaren at Geneva Motor Show 2015 – Highlights

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Even if you are not already aware of how big McLaren Automotive has become over the past five or six years, and how a big a success they have achieved in that short period of time, a quick look at their Geneva Motor Show 2015 lineup will make things crystal clear for you. McLaren is on a roll!

The biggest highlights of Geneva Motor Show 2015 for the British super car maker was the public debut of two of the hottest cars they have ever built: McLaren 675LT and the track-only McLaren P1 GTR.

The 675LT (Long Tail) is a limited edition, beefed-up 650S with an upgraded engine (675 horsepower) and a long tail spoiler which is a tribute to the F1 GTR Long Tail race cars of the past:

As for the P1 GTR, this car is a racing version of the P1 hyper car with the same powertrain but different electronics and increased output to 1,050 horsepower. The 2 million GBP hyper car will be sold in strictly limited numbers and can only be used on McLaren-organized track days:

You would think that after such a startling performance in the first few months of 2015 McLaren might want to lay low for a while and enjoy the fruits of their success. But Ron Dennis, the company’s supreme boss, is like Winston Churchill in the sense that he is relentless in pursuit of greatness. After they get back to Woking from Geneva, the work will begin in earnest on the next big thing, the Sports Series.

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