/Official: W Motors Fenyr SuperSport

Official: W Motors Fenyr SuperSport

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At the 2015 Dubai Motor Show W Motors, the one and only super car maker from the Middle East, unveiled their new product, the Fenyr SuperSport. Now, given that the previous W Motors, the Lykan, was an insane $3.4 million USD hyper car, you’d think they’ve gone toned it down a bit with this one. But no.

By the looks of things W Motors Fenyr SuperSport is going to be even more crazy than the Lykan. Looking like something out of a comic book, the car is powered by a custom-made Flat Six Cylinder, 4.0L Twin Turbo, Mid-Rear engine produced by RUF Automobile in Germany, along with a 7 Speed Double Clutch gearbox. So it’s pretty much the same powertrain as before, only the Fenyr gets 900 horsepower and 1,200 Nm of torque.

W Motors is evidently going after the world’s fastest cars with the Fenyr SuperSport, as the projected performance figures for this bad boy are 2.7 seconds 0 to 100 km/h, and a top speed of over 400 km/h. The chassis is not as sophisticated as one would expect, though. It’s not a monocoque, but rather a carbon fiber body on top of a tubular light-weight aluminium chassis. It’s good, but not really cutting edge.

There is no word on the cost of W Motors Fenyr SuperSport, but the car maker says they will making 25 units of it each year. That, and the fact that they haven’t mentioned anything about diamond-encrusted headlights, lead us to believe the Fenyr is not going to be priced like the Lykan.

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